Mix your Bitcoin securely, not trusting a single party. 100% client side Javascript. Open Source.


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Prefer the command line?

doublemixer Python screenshot

Make sure you have pip, the Python package manager installed. Needs to be Python 3, not Python 2. Lastly, make sure you have a Tor SOCKS proxy running locally (

pip3 install doublemixer

doublemixer mix --currency bitcoin --output_address (your address)

DoubleMixer Python source code is also available on Github.


Earn 1%* when you refer someone to DoubleMixer
*Approximately 1%. It's 1% on the second stage and mixers have their own fees, so it might be closer to 0.9%.

Want to earn money while helping people keep their Bitcoin transactions private? Just share a link. Bitcoin address) or http://doublemixwcfx4wadeuvuygpxej5jpu7uleesh3yptopnbj5kshnlrid.onion/#ref=(your Bitcoin address). Note that it's a hashtag (#) and not a question mark (?). This is because DoubleMixer works entirely in the browser and no processing occurs on this server. This makes it more private for clients so there's no single trusted party that knows about the entire mix. This also means that you only get paid if the user mixes using the website with that URL.

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